Time 'TilClock

How Long 'til the Top of the Hour?

Time Til

This simple little clock will tell you not only what time it is in standard digital time, but also tells you how many minutes it is until the top of the next hour. When you minimize the program it will display the time 'til the top of the hour in the Windows system tray. Note that there is no self-install routine with this program, so just create a folder somewhere on your computer and save the program into that folder. You can then create a shortcut to the program on your desktop or on the Start button, or start the program from Windows Explorer.

If you try to run Time Til and it tells you that it can't find a "dll" file, you probably need to download the "runtime" files for Visual Basic 6. You can download them by clicking here.

Click Here to Download the TimeTil Clock

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