Here are some articles I've written.  They are what you might call "devotional commentary" on  the Scriptures.  

Why is There Evil In The World?
We've all wondered about this question, but it may come as a surprise to you that Jesus gave us an answer!

Justification: By Faith or By Works? Reconciling James and Paul
Are we justified by faith or by works, or by faith plus works, or what?

The Parable of the Good Samaritan
What is love? What does love look like? Who is the "neighbor" we are supposed to love as ourselves? Jesus answers these questions in this great parable.

True Humility: the Example of Jesus
Does humility mean saying you're a no-good, talentless and worthless?  We'll see as we look at the example of Jesus.

Pragmatism Vs. Faith
Some say that we must be "realistic" about what can be done in the church or by the church, based on giving patterns, current resources and past history.  Others say that if God wants us to do something, He will provide what we need regardless of the resources we have.  Which view should we adopt?  This article explores this dilemma.

Distracted From The Necessary
We have many distractions in our lives that sometimes turn us away from things that are more important. Read about an example of this in the New Testament and what Jesus had to say about it.

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