My Free Software

Sharathon Helper

Sharathon Helper is a program I developed in Visual Basic to help non-commercial radio stations track their progress during sharathons and other fund-raisers.

Time Til Clock

The Time Til Clock is a simple program that displays the time digitally and also displays the number of minutes until the top the next hour. This is handy for DJs who have a tough time calculating that in their heads.

Other Great Software You Need



Why shell out all those bucks for MS Office when there's OpenOffice? I've been using it for years and don't miss MS Office at all! It's a great open-source office suite and you can't beat the price!


If you just need a word processor, AbiWord is a great open-source choice.


You need this free program for viewing and tinkering with photos. It's become indispensible for me.

The Gimp

A full-featured "Image Manipulation Program." Good open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop.


If you work with sound, this is the open-source audio editor for you. Audacity is an open source multitrack audio editor that just keeps getting better and better.

Audio Players

Here are a couple of free audio players I like.


Caban is a little-known player that is great for on-air playback or playing audio during a production. Here are some of the features:
  • 4 independent players
  • DirectX based playback
  • Independent volume control per channel
  • Extensive drag and drop (from explorer, between windows)
  • Print a play list
  • Play list up to 100 tracks
  • Complete newly designed user interface
  • Midi interface for coupling to digital consoles
  • Can work with one sound card or with multiple cards

  • Juke

    Though I've tried lots of other players, I always come back to Juke when I just want to play some music on my computer. It's freeware that has won a bunch of awards.

    Voice Recorder Samples

    Have you ever wondered if those little solid-state voice recorders are any good? Have you wondered about the quality of the recordings? Well, check out these samples from the Olympus DS-2.

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